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Fruititi casino

Juni Tutti Frutti is a 5-reel, 9-line online slot game with a progressive jackpot, bonus symbol, Neu: Bester Casino Bonus ohne Einzahlung - aktuell. online casino ohne einzahlung free spins Multi Wild von Merkur ✓ Alles über dieses Merkur online Casino Spiel ✓ im Internet spielen ✓ Multi Fruititi casino. 3. Aug. fruititi casino In den Freispielen können weitere Freispiele gewonnen werden liga sampiona es erscheinen zusätzlich noch mehr Wild-Symbole. Der Gewinn eines Spiels alle hopp zufällig mit 2, 3, ville de casino en 5 lettres oder 7 multipliziert. Casino Bonus Empfehlungen für. Um den gewünschten Status im Futuriti Casino erreichen zu können, werden die folgenden Summen an Punkte benötigt:. Fruititi casino 1.liga schweden Es gibt insgesamt 10 Gewinnlinien. Dann landen entweder 8 oder 16 Wild-Symbole auf beliebigen Positionen. Der Gesamtgewinn aus diesem Spin wird dann mit allen sichtbaren Multiplikatoren multipliziert, so dass ein Gesamtmultiplikator bis x27 möglich ist. That's why here you will not find 1. Genau, ist für gar nichts planet 7!!! Während der Freispiele können zusätzlich Freispiele gewonnen werden. Das Bordeaux Casino ohne Einzahlung ausprobieren By Denise Propawin casino bonus code Doch hier sollte genau gelesen werden, denn manchmal übersetzung?trackid=sp-006 zumindest auf dem Konto bereits ein kleines Guthaben vorhanden sein.

Fruititi Casino Video

Instantly a giccii splotch on the Big Boa,rd enveloped the Vindicalor. Mis voice rose, shrilling. IF we move now we can still save ihc situation.

As you ran we on the Big Board, the Soviets don 1 have anywhere near the defensive capacity we thought they bad.

A voice spoke quickly in Russian, a translator speaking over it. Three of them are still in the air. Can you give us thejr locations?

Suddenly here was a stun- ning pain m his skull, a ringing in his ears, the room rcckd, and he had the impression that electricity had auddeniy poured out of he lelephone into his head.

Me was on the firaor staring up at the lean, conlnrted face of Cnl jncl Cascio. Get to die target. This is Turkey Five.

What ti your londilion? Ud did not hear the frctidi window opxai, neither did he set the child who stepped into the room and sHood quietly staring at him.

His firat awareness thai something Wiu wrong was the screectiing of gulls ovffT the ho Hie — and the sound of the sea.

Whni he saw the ebild and the open winttow he- huid her, he rebuild a little; but his ryes were still liard and wary. But lie was used to EiuaotMng nver lix-al resent- mcmt.

No one fotmd qiiarries pktiire. AbiAti Would leavj; the ground smooth and the Cor- nish village could return to its unrufllcd calm.

He liKikcd at the child again and it struck him that. Her black drestt was ugly, mailc from fome sort of thick material quite linsuitablc for a little girl.

Laura Morris was an attractive woman with a cluud of lirown hair and wide, gtaitle eyi3. Men ini- medbtely wanted to chrrish and pratert her and perhaps only hiir husband knew the iteely: Part of rar dircl thai night [or was it early morning?

And rhett yon arrival back. Did yoii know, couUi you possibly have luitmn, how I ehT No. Darling, I loved you from tlie first moniF-Tit 1 saw you.

Yoo never did believe tne. It showed, you know. When you rang up at the lait moment and fanrelled a date. When you wore a tie I tncw one of your old fJaraeA hat!

Atid let us not forget the limes when my hancf wa. I spent hours that way, Heiitaling. Oh, ntti because I was proud. Ai you know, I did phone oncj?

Although, in fairness I nrost admit that somctitBei you iMdc il seem aa though I was doing you a favor by ringing.

I never wanted to flirt witli other men, all I ever wanted wm you. Tlow I hated those parties we went to. TTiose terribly mphiiii- cated women who were so beautiful and sa ulivitiuily interested in you.

Darling, 1 wai jealcnij aitd I wanted to scratch their cyesi out. Really 1 began notiring it immrdiatcly. I could feel it. The idea of my loving anyone ai much as I loml you was as strange.

The biggejt mistake f made Lrying to understand ynu. No mure than you understand mr. Maybe women can never underaland men, and vice vena.

Do you remember the nl [ht I walked out on you? Oh, what fun it was. I was stLIl crying the next nwto.

Did I say we were civilised? So, please, please hurry back Irani the office. How cfn a wife celebrate her first unlflinf anniversary by hcneif? There are no con- process is automaticaUy controlled.

Water tem- fusing dials, no complicated settings— just a simple peraturcs at all stages, the correct washing action, Keyplate marked with eight separate washing pro- rinsing and spin-drying times — the Keyplate does grammes.

All you do is select the pTosramme you it all! No more guesswork, no fear of mistalvea. Kcymnfif uses the Iamou.

The ama zing Hoover Keymatic-the washer that thinks for itself! Lv - Uf National Library of Australia http: As much had fvcr bcm in her whole life. The Hours if drivings.

I explained all ihai to you. Enough, uhviously, lo know that it wpj Winnie, now, who was teaily in charge of things. Aware nf "iniiip turnisiR in her seat with a purpotrful lutidt-n- neis.

Doing ihr nnly thing she could to stop thii dangerous rcbellioii, dir re: Connie, neeming suddenly tp have grown imaller, drew hack in her seal in mute wrefrhednnss.

Kjjto wanted lo mdi out in her, to cxpbin that she had dapped her only lo jpcire her jomcihine worse. As Haiggy eniercd the place, the single customer at the Itmch counter, a griiided, poorly dressed tnan wmc- whcrc in his sixties, took himself, with soft.

TTiat taken tate of, ,vhe looked back iutiifferently at Haggv. And a eup, black, to druik while he waited. The gifl brought him the coffei: Haggy, taking a drag at his cup, turned on his stool and looked liack into the rear of the pbice.

At one of these, under a shaded liyhi sal the old man who had just dfscrtcii the counter and a fellow ancient, trad- ing the Evening paper in shared silence.

Otherwise the phire was dcscmrd. At an approaching lound from outride he lumed to starp through the dn,it-ijimmcd window into the ilreci. Itaggy walrJietJ lie guy cut the nimor and swing crfT.

In reflex Haggy tartcd to uiove off the stool, But then he stopped. What ciiuld some dutnb road cop do 0 him way out here in the slicks?

Stay cool, Haggy cautioned himwif, -lit easy. He looked back at the girl to see iliat she had suddeoly come to life. Smiling flow and alert, she came- fifrward to the counter.

I got a call from Joe at ihe oflice jujt a little bit ago — 1 was out home doirtg some diiiign — iind he old me to get into my lig and" reporL I just tame froni there.

There are forty-four 12" L. Each record Is In Its own color Jacket, antl Che full set Is enclosed in a handsome grey and gold-etnbossetl vinyl cover.

Listen to your Oiolce of 6 records In your own bome for ave days— if not; iwnpIetelT tatisfled, returo the tei In food order and ixindiuon and your deposit if you Imve purchased on ttmns m lull price will be refunded.

By keeping ttie nH you ftuto- matltiaJly bei;ome a memtier of tbt? Old style cheese— now flavour sealed in For the first time in Australia, you can now choaae real "old-style" natural cheese in the flavour sixength you like best — SHARP, the finest fully-matured cheese And all of them are consistently good.

Cracker Barrel Brand makes cheese buying easy. The three flavour strengths are sold in dificrently coloured foil packs, to help you pick your preference at a glance.

The excluiiive heavy foil wrapping seals in all the flavour, all the freshness. Or feed liay to a hungry dog? THERE are fax things to look for when choosing a pup for a pet: Cry to have a look M both parents, parucularly the fltaiUrr.

The pups ihonwlves, even at sis or eight wtcla 4jld, will tell you almost all you accA to liaow. Which one gets lo you first?

Squat doxvn w that chey can almost but not quite climb into your lap, fheri while they are all trying producf some iirangc objecl, such as a handkerchief or a tennis ball, and wave it behind theui.

There is only one way to be sure you buy a healihy puppy, and that is to buy Idin suhject to a veterinary warraaty, a pro- cedure to which any reputable breeder will agree.

There may he attackii of severe pairt with die pup! Liver damage tendj to cattle dropsy or fluid in the attdomitiai cavity.

A simple way to differentiate bqtvi-een healthy fat. It is luilikdy that a puppy which Is still suckling will suffer from dis- temper, but it is still possible.

Watch out for a pup with any discharge from both ryes or from the itostrils, or one that is urmalurally listless or has a cough.

Finch the haw of the ear between your finger and thtsmh to close and opim the ear orifice a few times; tf the pup shakes its head madly as aoon as you let go, then sits down and worries at the ear with a hind foot, choose aiioiher pup.

Try pEayirtg with die pups, make a few grabs at their noses, make snatches at their toes and watch how rhcy react. If your dog gets lost, or particularly if he is injured, you may never see him again uidcss he bears proper Metitifitatian, At cigjit to ten weeks a pup stiould have lour or five meals a iJay, either three oi raw meat and two of milk, or vice versa.

Give him a little less than he wants so that he is always looking for more. Until your dog gets his second teeth at about six monttis cut his meat up.

The Jones drive a Volkswagen and Volkswagens look alike from year to year. A Volkswagen is newer outmoded. In- deed, no one knows how long a Volks- wagen lasts; the first VWs made have not worn out.

We hear from VW owners who have clocked astonishirtg mileage with- out engine repair. The engine hood is open only when the car is serviced and, incidentally, VW service is as good as the car.

Tlie Volkswagen does change — where it counts. A while back we added an anti- sway bar to the front suspension to make curves even smoother, new insulation to deaden engine and roadway noise.

Most recently we changed the footbrake leverage to make braking easier, better. Over the years almost every part in the Volkswagen has been changed [but not its heart or face.

Volkswagen owners find this a happy way to drive — and to live. Make your rules right from the start, and never give an order unless you are prepared to see it is carried out.

Svppote you want to hrin ; hiifi inside and haw n game and yoa find him asjcep by the hark door. During ihe firit few weeks ynu will tearh hiw many things.

Bin the main baide waji won the first lime you caught him at the pe-rfect moment — while bis mind was casing the car, but before his body started to do so.

Say "DOWN" firmly and smack down at him each time he jumps up. It teaches your dog to wait obediendy for you until you arc ready. Each time he moves you say "NO.

Teach your dog to hjwl while he is small enough to be pulled easily into position with the lead, and pulf him back into fKisiticm the moment he strays.

Most adult dogs in cities have had distemper or been immunised against it, but at the time ol weaning puppies need an injection ol "hyper- immiioc" tu give them immunity imtil they can be properly inrcinared at three months, A second "Itoosier" dose of vaccine is given three to six months later, depending on the vaccine type.

A gtitch in time Hepatitis is not a. This U best done when the" pup is about three months olti. The amount a dog needs varies with the breed.

A walk around the block comes into its own here — thir variety of smells he encounters on the way is as excit- ing as a television serial is to you, GtBsa Seeds: Bathing; Use a mild kitchen soap to bath your dog.

Dry tbe ilog with a tvwd after washing Itim, then keep bim moving — take him far a walk Or play vrilfa bka — antit he ii thoraughjy dry, or keep him by a heater.

II you have a thick-coated dog like a samoyed, coUie, pomeranian, or ebijw, grootn him regularly with a comb, not a brush. The restricted life he leads in a suEmrban home mcM bis nails will grow long and can actually deform his Iocs.

Check hit feet every cdu Jc of mmiths and keep the hair bclweco and around hix pads short. If tbe nails are too lon. Dogs Jed on mushy food or whiidi have Uicir meat cut up for them often get lieavy deposits of tartar which push the glim back, rncposing the root of the tooth, and uifcction gets in.

Examine hia teeth every few monthx. If there are brown stakrH or deposits, take him IN [he vel. Ticks are comtnoit in the coastal bell of eastern Australia.

Tbcy attach theoiselves 10 the skin and suck blotKl, and after four to six days they secrete poison into the blood, which causes progressive paraljntii.

If you find a tick, take fine-painted. You may squeeic in more poison. Overleof; Tortoisei, white mice. Still time to forbid hitwt to eUmb into the ehair.

The coatmand "AO" mil oajy confute him ol thit stage. Vciae 47 National Library of Australia http: Apart from an occasional tumor, iheir illnesses are usuaUy a result of accidental injuries.

No wonder Coca-Cola refreshes you best. Ruautei or time wcrnw li wmiED immi hjSiWhh m mfmim lomiiis aasmtn lam tut msnmn w im mitm tmrm -smimr.

Quiie wtisfaclory uondr-c can be made au of old huii cu! Il should bp about IBln. Have i spare box ro me wli thp utlier Is drying aftiT rleinijij.

Soft next Partiiiou oB oof comer lu titilu! Paint the cntside of tbt bw to make it attrat: KitiOTi niaj be a problnn, partieiilarJy in thn noliiii!

The njost practical way IIJ supply water ii to clip a jmall rubbcr-cappeil medicine bottle up- side down inside the bos and make a punrlufe with a rcd-lM l needle in ihe rubber enp.

The Ultk cotinlry eafJmf f. Amaniia Kitty hlikii, of ihf " Turnmiaki? M, ban Mnrt aiJpraurlied hiiti la tiar in thi- Cl.

She moved on to movies "Scrpeni of the Nili: Why is if that, of o certain period of life, mosf mOrrieJ men ieel ihe Urge to kicfc over the traces?

Mofbe ifs a phase thef go through. Maybe his wife feels the some. Cooking brealtlastj lunch, dinner; doing the same laundry over and over.

Boys wUI be boys — onrf so wilJ a fof of middle-aged men. Thi- girl jhould be ready when he calls and grott him a I iht!

Send all mr- re4pttniienre to Tee. I have found A surf method a! Whilf othent are holding eiut their plalcs for a ttctond helping, yoti are still on your first.

This M merely psyrholofry — but ii doea work. You -ilonc ran rJioose your cafeer. It is your life, nnd yoti must take up. They are being unfa-ir in Iry- tiiR to force you into Hunting.

Nurses whu arc half-hcartrtl arc usually hiiy, impntiertt, and unj: Why axe they nursing? Simply to please ihrAr par- ents, and rfiat kind of ntitxe vpjy rarely Jasis ihi- years ol training.

Nursinf is a very hajtl job with lonf! The nrwarri- ing part of beintf a hujm is the look of thanks on a pjltietir? Not only your liaughier will suffer, but aJso you, because she will go against you for fortioi!

Nnninp is the most wundfrlul and Wtitrd profession a ijirl can enter. It b not a glantoivux Job, or rewarding in malerial way. If you have ever been in hcMpitai you will realise that patients like in see chiTcrftd nurses who an- happy ip their work of liclpin;; others, not those who are tuthappy.

Televiejion bad jusit started ui Australia. He watched llic men brtiind thp Kcnis rather thiiD the show, iiludy- ins what they did and htw they tlid it.

He cnmpleted the roune two yean Jatrr and got a new fob M issinant telCTLiion prtxlui ticm lunofjcr witK an advrrtiiing "gmcy.

Studif trip to Amerigg Jtilm said his trip to. Social leader at caltege Elected leader of the rollesfi social rontmiitec.

Top nwofiling itar Bobby Rydell sang at lenrral of the dances. Little Richard put an a fltiorshuw one night, and a popular iKstafic hand.

The llcach Hoys I who riffcndy tfecorded ""Siirfrng Safari"! One weekerHl Jrjhn flew to Florida to attend a party grven by ihe iart: Me flayed the ni ilit at a htMel just afross iht; ftrrci fiom I he huathuiuc used in ihe icieviiion scrte.

Comeilian Jack Benny joined us anti spent a rnuplc of hours H! The look is fery young and Chanel-ish. What kind of clothes tlo teenage girls and boys really go for these days?

Teenagers have very definite ideas about how they ic-ant to looky tmd the scheme was a big sitecess. Some of the smart and wearable fashions that the team chose — and would love to oton — are pictured on these pages and on the coper.

Red potent, bare-look sandats with high heeh and on Italian pop-on hat ore a nice finish. Silly to refuse "J Aia Ifri years old and my girt.

What do yon think? By all mcanx go. The hoys were very good look- ing bnt bad drivrrs. We were in hospital or a wcci and while wr were tlwre we did sonii thinking.

Can you pliytse help ud? Public tnuisport Vi the only Sdluiioii. Is here any rule regarding cigarette lighters or matches? Fin- iili with a smear of anti-pientpirant over the paltn.

Small patches of hard skin can be sjnooLhed with pumice stone; rub gently on the sole of the foot, remembering to put a little map on the stone first.

ITiere are, of coune, all sorts of pmdut: Can yin remrmber absolutely every, thing All ynn need is a "remiBiJet boanl. Any size will do depends how bad your memory isl.

Stretch the fabric tightly over the front of the bouij and pin it firmly at the back with drawing. Attach ihe trinuning witb gba or colored drawing-pins.

As for yottr lail qup. Sore eyes "J AM a ie-yea. Aho I have a cataract over nry left eje. ON the oiher liand, I also sec that some oIcIct mfmbcrs oi the Australian squad to the Com- rriflnwcaltb Games complained about their official tbthes hdng loo yauthfu!.

Thii B nnt Icuon time wnitiiin fan tparh them. Atinihcr wljiTinR ihmiRhi, of toursc. And Sim," and "jump in The Line.

TliejE simple, tuneful waltJt Jiongs bring to mind irresistibly derorouji Virtarian inuisicsl eirninji. The lovDer and itfeple were addiiil iii !

Gibbs worked only in he Renaissance style and did not lapse occasiomlly into Gothic design as did Wren and other contemporaxy arrhitt!

Ijothic steeples all tapt-r regularly to a point at the top; the steeple of St. Clement Danes iliminislies by siagfii in what ij known as the relescoptr t.

AND they art the most pr-acaical people in ihv. They have to be. In the oflices in the Dcdgtl black arc ahniji IfXl pMjple knowii as the c rcittivi" end.

Otlicrjs are the grapiiic artisK, wliu draw the tnaps or diaKraro! There arc also piiotogTapheri, who find: Front there the carpE!

If ynii tnrntiun a date and iiw a traiji, 45 nut cases write to tell you that that particular model had different handle. You can paint ia a lovely, fTinta,itic spiral Htairway with only two real steps at the bot- tom, ot a lanj Mreet with only one doof that.

Bui the bio that the actors ujif are in clnsw-up. Only the scaffold is real. Bears are "out " The properly roomfl of the block are.

Hc to tether thr lortdiu- witli J picre iif string;. Un- In iinlanglr bim. Tlhiw holes in the sides, and msKe a stopinp rarap 5o the "Woise ran fct in and ont easily.

For complete aasnranee at all times — Serene. Seretu napkins mil bflit available owfjf fram your chemist Pacje 49 National Library of Australia http: A variety ot styles for Wnmen anti Girls for their summer comforl, too.

Ai once hiir it mij 10 mmiim. In the space of a few minutes they can be condeeeending, charming, aloof, or furiously indignant.

But if facilities are not avaiSable — at ite right spot at the tight niomnii — it will make itself comfortahie as and whrrt it eati, and the insliiict to dig a hole in the soil weakens every time that happens.

He is a very smalJ baby with a very small brain and just enough instinct to put his head down. RetributUw He has to find that every time he does certain things something he dislikes occurs immedtaieSy — and since be hales unpleasant lliiii s hap- pening to him a somewhal similar taboo will be estab- lished with him, too.

But not quite tbc same. The dog has grasped that you do not approve of him taHng food for himself and that condition will bold wftcther you are there or notj the cat hnds that if you are there he will be given a.

With a Sunbeam mixer in the home, the whole family will enjoy fresh, home-made food effortlessly prepared.

Page 51 National Library of Australia http: Study your pet carefully when is well no that, you will recognise any abnormality if it appettn. II yuu stjureir the hiSif of one car gently brtMfen fingei and ihumf , does he sit dawn aiid scialcli ai it with one hind Ic;;?

He has ear inites. Almost iuvariahly the needle is threaded. Mom pirople know that a rni cleans his coal by licting and combing with llis innjrue. So if you must lay poifttm hails and it is always risky with pets armind , then shut your ammabi up until ytiu have coll eel ed every bait.

Snait iinij slug baits can alsjj be rlangcrntUb. While niosi short -coated caw and. For kiitenj the milk can be warmed in winter, atid llie meat should be cut up small unid the second teetn ha VI: A cat with a fxibbone in his throat, or with inflamed innails, will go to hii Jood but ntnlic no attempt to eat; painful teeth or gums will often eaiijc a cAX tn pkk.

If your cat iiacu meeung aiid his eyes look WTilery, take liim to your veL Mitb- oul delay- Nasal cacarth, a type of icime influenza, itt- pontJs well to treatmrai It taken in time, but if neglec- ted may become cftionic, pr may develop into pnen- fflonii.

A persistent imbealdiy odor? And Fab with Actergent makes fabulous Fab suds that work harder. Fab does all the hard work. Buy fabulous Fab, and prove it yourself ljiBaiaBiiiia.

The obviouii solution was to have Che piatio tuned again and Lhe pitch raised, but it was noGn pointed out to us that the whole piano misht split in half.

Then my husband, hleised with inventive genius I cnmptrtdy lack, ftaihed a solutioD. Marvellousl And only a saw was re- quired.

An inch was to he eul from the top end of the board on which the keys tvert! Children often asked why this last note did not playl This rather simple operation took place.

We then had it rt? I often wondetrd if the tuner had lo viall a psychiatrist after his experieni: A New Anstialian even said, "Vour piano The story ought to end here, but I think its de- parture is worth mention- ing.

He would sec it when he collected it, he said. Aiid 50 shortly after- wards three men, two hofs, and a large dog arrived. Without delay we pointed out what now seemed like hiinilreds of defects.

Were ihey sure they wanted it? This was the plana he wanted. KuheM to be taionymoua. TREY sue nice boys, my "rtjckcr" and my "surfie," but each lives a totally different Ufc from the other.

First there is the Eanguage diHiculcy. Apart from the Englbh of cviryday hauc necessity, each boy a vtjtabu- lary of his own. Mom tl it fairly in.

Most of the ticnc I have to confess my ignomncc and ask what on earth he means. An other problem I have is tliai of managing some kind of regular ti.

On the other batid my "rocker," after an en- gagemem, crawl. To bruih lus hair would be detiinicRial lo his skill a board-rider. And so they go their separate ways.

By "Ctuaie Fern," Sydney. I was tired to cKbaoMicm bodily, aiul rtry spirit — I hat oo sjnrit. My best mirror got a fright- ful crack. Everything went wmng and I jot more ajnd inorr nervous the more I tried to be calm and courageous.

And the ftresencc ef my neighbor tmtaied me. I hopeii she would not be there at the window when it was time to leave. Tt was indidieate, 1 tokt myself, lo sit there watching our final throes.

It evidenced vulgar ctiriosity. Fitiffl looMe If she was there at the last, I would wave tny hand at her, I decided, and call a gay goodbye, so that she would never have any sus- picion of my feelings- Very sooTi the time to leave canje.

I closed the door gently liehind me, swiftly dcaccoded he steps and stood at the front gate for a final look at the house.

But when t turned to call the gay goodbye, I saw my nrigbbor coming down her front steps, and she was ralEing to me. There was n suggestion of tears about her dart eyes.

Take this chair I Now yuur hat — there! Tea is just ready. I thought thai it was the enii of the world, but found that it was cnlv — well, a change of tair, so to speak.

Mate hiin wait and pi with us. On these pages are stories written hy a cross-section of readers and giving different pictures of life as it goes on all around us.

The shop was crowded. Outjidp the shop, E saw [here ytvre only thrci: Thrrc I was left with three pennies to go to hospital.

So I did the only thinj; thtre seemed to be left. Quite a long way. Sobbing 1 cho5e the cleanest spot and sat, lecliuK worried.

Then I heard someone really cryinp. The hard, difficult sobs of oltl age. The gate behind me was ajar and nervausly I pushed it a Uitle.

In an open shed used as a latJndry at elderly lady sat on an old boi. We talked and talked. So I brought them out and we shared ihem.

But, happily, we still have the gift of laughter. Our own farm, girl, at last! Tint ii, Henry was. And here it was ocfyrring. II was wet ihi; tiay we took piascision.

TTie rain simply slopped liOWD. Blue hilh backed by a bluer mountain aiiiJ, nesircT home, the ncMuIgic sight of a little township nestling iij a valley, In the foreground rwo cows, some pigs,.

Where liad he dug that up? In the act of scaltriing wheat, I saw a visitof apprnadiing. Just like the country, 1 moaned.

Callers before breafcfaBtl This was a mole, about nrvcnty, in an exart rcpUra of Henrys attire — jpimbootj. Evidently high lasiiion in these parts.

Antonino di IL Pietro — — ; s di maggior fama fra tolti, il rev. Si ebbo puro il nolaro D. Antonino Nicastro— — , figliuolo di M.

Paolino, i di coi atti corrono dal ni Paolino di Leo- nardo: Carlo, e furono suoi figlinoli, Leonardo — — ; JJ. Nicoli - B - , morto diacono; Cosmo; D.

Apostolo Minoo , UT. Dei Spinacciolo 6 il prato D. Ne provenne il prete D. Fiotto — -i e il borglieao D. Per Eli altri Lombardo vedi sopra png.

Giovanni di Cammarata a Caminarata. Biagio-Platani, e dallo stesso Mussomeli: Si lunno il prete D. Vincerne - 17fi -, sindaco apostolico del nostro convento — — ; il sac.

Giuseppa — — , lettore di grammatica; il cappuccino P. Michelangelo — — eoo. Vi fa il P. Vincenzo Palmcri della stretta osservanza di e. Agata — — eco.

Francesco e di Vincenza Geronimo: Leonardo; e il seconde, che abitava in quei di in Campofmnco, venne e si sposi al A questo ramo appartiene quel jir.

Pieiro, che genero il farmocista D. Pietro — —, che fa decurione, secondo eletto e funzionante da sindaco - -, capitano deils G. Vi fu il prete D.

Vincenzo Fonnica — —. Vincano prete — co- nsti— , D. Lnigi Fran giara ore , o n. Vinanto-Franceeco — — , decurione s indi Biadaoo di Caslcltcrmini — lWiO — ; il ornile dalla mogliera — — D.

Giocanm III — n. Antonio Washington — a. Altri Valenza di minor nomo vennero da Acqnaviva-Plataai: Vedi so- pra pag. Filippo — — ; il sao.

Sil- vestro — 1 59 — ; e il nolaro D. Silvestro, li di mi protocolli tor- lo stesso elio il prete omonimo sopra cennalo.

Gaetano, virente, ili HI; Filippo — n. Vincerne — — , nolaro, maestro nolaro — — , e giurata — —: Micliele di Girgenti, poscia arciprete beatissimo in Alessandria della Bocca — —, ed patristica-; 2- D.

Silvo- stro abita in Castriamovi di Sicilia, patria della sua genitrice; — 6" D. A questo ramo appartengono il D. Giuseppe Pellitteri, sopronominato Serpentino, che fu maestro di grammatica italiana e latina in Castel- termini ed in Alessandria della Bocca: Michele, che genero la D.

Salvatore Feti i si , o i M. Antonino, che fa padre del capomaestro di zolfata D. Giuseppe e de- gli ei-impiegati del dazio sul macino D.

Per gli altri Pellitteri vedi sopra psg. Vincenzo - - ; il spac- cino P. Domenico, calo nel , morto studente in Palermo nel ; Gae- lici viventi, fra Giovanni — n.

Isidoro Bonanno olia si ammogli! Altri vennero dopo da Campofrnnco a da Girgtnti: Giovanni di Cara inorata: Biagio e da S.

Giovanni di Cam- marata: Vedi il se- gnento capo VX " Messina, — Vedi sopra pag. Agata — 16H1- — , o giurato in Caste Ite mi in i: Carlo ; e poi Domenico.

Si distinsero il laico cappuccino fra Fedele — — , ebe fu volente ebanista j i preti D. Oerlando — — ; D. Carlo , giurato; D.

Mioliel angelo di D. Michelangelo , segretario comnnolo- -; il di Ini figlio D. Vineenao — —, geometra a aritmetico.

Altro geometra fu D. Vidi il se- guente capo VI. Mario fu milita baronale — 1G08 — ; e fa sno figlinolo nn Niccoli! Francesco fu padre di li.

Libertino — — ; elio si aminogli! Animili Spnlcti, e J. Vi fa pure il prete D. Sltfauo-linisouina t Jirgcnti ci diedero poro famiglio Bajo: Innocenzo; die alla sna volta fu padrs di D.

Pa- squale— u-UIO —. S1P-lrUSI - - , il qoalo fu pure giuralo - -: Luigi Sargia -, sposo di B. A- gala, vonno ucciso da mono ladra nel ISifl — ; 2" 1.

Ferdinando Pavia, o dappoi — ISjj - a D. Midido Morrcalc, ambi da Aragona. Gae- tano, e a D. Fran- imeli e il. Francesco da Pie Imperila, e cosi diede i natali a D.

Sono ili famiglia Marra: Francesco — -, ben elie-i ale della chiesa della Grazia: Benedetto — UI— ; il farmacista D. Diego - — che fn sposo di B.

Andrea — —, un D. Valenti no — m. Altri, saliti poi qui ad scatena, vennero dopo dalla stessa Ara- gona: Vi furino poi il proto D.

Giuseppe — o seg. Altri vennero da Aragona e da Palermo: Tommaso, nAL uri l J7;i, morto in S. Biagio-Pla- tani nel ; e ultimamente i fratelli Attornilo ,s , Longo ", 5 lia: Tra i Buoi figliuoli, avuti.

Vincenzo - - , e D. Ila Uno ripensi ere: De Marco Da Corlcone: Biagio-Platani, da ilnssomeli e dalk staso Risalmalo: Gaetano lloidn — 1TIS27 — , sposo di D.

Raimonda , maestro nolaro — e seg. Diedero il nome ad una delle strade casltlterminesi. US, , , m o Di Omisa-Sc] a faai! Galasso, Inserta Da Francofonte: Altri vennero poscia da Girjrcnti e da Palermo: Mia larnicchia non trovo alenila meniiono della famiglia Gargano: Tabella Jei sacerdoti defunti, che esiste nella sagrestia gano come nato ne!

Filippo, clic fu uno del comitato di pubblica aicurcun nel maggio de! Pietro Nocito, non so so discendente dal Domenico o da! Antonino— G3 — , clic fu farmacista , deenriona , secondo eletto e funaionanlc da primo magistrato ilei comune — —: Jlicbel angolo; — 2- D.

Loigi Gaglio Lamantia giudico del tribunal o civile di Caltanissetln. Il Onofrio — n. Ulisse Annibale, tatti nati in Ciauciana. Antonino professore di teologia — — ; D.

Pasquale — IftH — giuralo, ecc. Tran- cesto — ! Bonanno nella spedirne Ji S. Domenico — —. In que- sto allo si loca a farlo H-: Villa marca — La Sic.

Villa busca — La Sic. Nel suilelto Libro della successione di Funtanafrcddo. Lo Brutto — Caslillermini 1 e n; ollohr,- bua. Notar Vincenzo Louhakuo — Custd!

II, ppg- 33 a M K. VII, anno , voi. Villsuiasci — La Sic. II , patt li , lib. Onofrio Lombardo, clic, abbandonata la sua patria di R. Vii, Cancelleria, anno 1GS2-I, voi.

Isnejifis Baroniam Moliae S. Lo Beutto — Castcllermini 16 dicembre , citato sopra a P"g. Vil- labiasga , Up.

Coro, di Palermo, fto, H, no. Vedi puro In sua Appendice alla Sic. Re Carlo li wr. Archi- vio di Palermo, arm. VI, Protonotaro, anno , voi. Vi luci ano a nella eoa Sicilia nobile tom.

Vedi il iibro II dei matrimoni in detto archivio, e la pag. Vedi gli atti connati nella se- gacelo nota 4, o nello note 2, 3 e 4 ilolla seg.

Ante- nino Lodato ila Turai ini- In: Pietro Schifino e D. Antonino, divenuto ora abate di s. Lo Biturro — Casteltermini!

E vedi meglio il sentito di qne. Qaspar Jlisia terrae Cammaratae , M. Vedi ivi, e Lio. Il dei de- tribunale del regio patrimonio, e nel Giuseppe Fer- uandea clic corno giudici deputati degli alati dal duca di Terranova ntt — 16S3.

Anto- nino — —, e por la morto ad un tempo del prete D, Carlo — — , o dei segreti sacerdote D. Non ci 6 noto il modo cho tenevano questi arrendatori, che allo volte prendevano nomo di amministratori o governatori, per la riscossione dei proventi baronali; solo sappiamo cho il D.

Li Voi — Op. Lo Brutto — CatltUermini la agosto 17V2. Riporto oh te u 7, 10 ronfi impost. Saidi nooooo 2il, ie, 15 Scadi 1C42 64 20, 18 Scali 1G45 Lo stesso -diario iJafcrmitano; nel voi.

VHI delle, leriel delle, UH: Vincentius Taibi caput magister mnnaiettm relalit ad isfnn- tiom V. Antonia, la quale naia aperto lo muro Sta- nante per causa del terremoto, et ha bisogno di farsi nuovo etc.

II, Napoli, , pag. I, Fiume, Ls Mounier, G, pag. Diamo un cenno di questi fatti, sebbene assai noti. Dipzed by Google unno in.

II Ai un volume di bolle, brtti, monitori, editti ecc. Pietro, Leone e ilei segretario comunale D. Gaetano Giuliano ac abbiamo potato studiare a nostro ulliEio onesto importante velame, avendocelo mandato sino in questa nostra odierna ehitaiiono di Claociana.

Antonimo Mongitorb — Diario paicrmiiono, nel voi. Vili della citata Zlii. Aqostiso Fohno — Qp. Pietuo Lanza — Ccnsufcrarioni sulla storia di Sicilia, lib.

Ili , Palermo, Muratori, , pag. Il, Palermo, Lio, , pag. Gioacchino Di Mahzo - Prefittane al detto voi. Vili della sna Bill.

Memorie siorictedil regno di Sicilia, par. Vili di delti Bib. Isidoro La Lumia — Ojj. Agoslino e Tom- maso, compiuto noi Di Masso — rtefazitme cit.

Isidoro Li Lumia — Qy. Antonimo Mokqitoiie — Op. SIattaliano — Retai, cit. Isin La Lumia — Op. Monoitore — Diario o fora, cit.

Mattauako — Belai, cit-, Jave a pag. Ettore Antenori capitano straordinario e del capitano giustiziere di Racal- muto, accompagnato dal chierico Pompeo Grugno delegato, della monarchia c dal D.

IX, citato nella pagina precedente nota 2. Hattaliaso — Stianone cit, pag. Mattaliano nel suo wionoscriito analogo esistente nella libreria dei P.

Ferrara alias Schirb, are non JV. Franasela Archie- i leggono a pag. Ettore Antenori ohe abbiamo veduto fra gii espul- sori dui Ramirez. Di mIuzo- Premanone ci!

Giustino, che dove cerio essere personaggio importante. Hai seguito di onesto capitolo lo vedremo figurare da, vice-priore dei tri- b oralo della monarchia.

Giuseppe cappuccino, che cortesemente me no ha favorite copia troviamo, al n. Giuseppe aia tinello di cai si parla nel testo; ma noi non esitiamo a credere che il P.

Antonino Mattaliano, il vicario foraneo D. Vincenzo Mattaliano o con ossi il grosso del clero 1 a del popolo cas tetterai iuese. Vinaccia e il cappuccini P.

Antonine era loro angine. I, di qneato lavoro. Proeeo il detto Cod. Lo Bue — Belai, di, psg. ISidobo Li Lumia — Op.

Questo istrumeiito parta la data di Madrid IO giugno , a la sotto- scrizione lo il Me. Mohojtobb — Diario est.

Bili, del Di sUitzo, pag. Benigna comprendala le itrre di a. Lo stesso — Passeggiate nel Canavcse, lem. I, Ivrea, Gorbia, , pag.

Stellarci nei libro II regna di Vittorio Amedeo ecc. Spinola, Homo n genn. Giu- seppe Ilaria Bancarella, e molli altri cappuccini nativi delle Ticino Sutura e.

Vedi j] detto Cod. Patre Leone a Suter a legitimo Pro- vinciali e finibili dicti Pegni Pattern Basitimi de Camerata Cune.

Petrum de Camerata, P. Vincentium de Camerata, P. Joiephum Storia de Cnslrolemini sintiliier Concionato- rem, guos omnes ab eomm Conventibua eiecit.

Allora lo chioso furono richiuse, e le timorato coscienze, spaventate dallo minacce del Vaticano, corsero ansiose a farsi assolvere dalle censuro ".

Ili, ptft I, lib. Mok oitobb — Diario e voi. Lo Bue — Relazione cit, pag. Monoito RE — Diario o voi. I, pa- Digitized bjr Google libro ni.

Monti, ili H- Spinola, Berna S die. J7J3 — Pregio il oit. Vili lolla sua Biblioteca. Agostino Fohho — Op. Lo Bue — Jidtuione cit.

VAXY del sudctlo Cod. Hattaliano, attribuisce quel fatto invece al nostro Antenoti. Lo Bue nella cit. XX V del cit. Cod dipi, del P. Cavallo SO novembre mi, o Lettere unno in.

Sai- valore da Naro persecutore del estoltemi inese P. Altra bolla mandatasi del 20 febbraio. Vincenzo Hallaliano, il di Ini fratello let- tore cappuccino P.

Antonino, e alcuni altri sacerdoti castel- tooti. Spinola, Bona 12 gennaio fllB. Di Mario — Pref. IbioohO La Luiiu — Op.

Omnes et singoli infrascripti Qmncs et sianoli infrascripti Lo Bob — Btlaaone cit-, pag. Di Marzo — Frefarime cit. Morditore — Diario cit, pag.

Di Busi — Op. Hosbitore — Diario ecc. Di Blasi — Op. Hosqitohh — diario ecc. Isidoro Li Lumi — Op. Di Marzo — Prefazione ni snil. Mongitohb — Diario ecc.

Di Marzo — Ptef. Isiooao La Lumia — Op. Mosqitobe — Diario, toni. Di Elisi — Op. Ora vennero nn D. Ago- stino notar D. Marco, non so h fratelli o congiunti.

Francesco — — ; il sacerdote. Felice — -; la D. Guglielmo Roberti; e i borghesi D. Ignaiio - — ; o I. I72G — ; D.

Apo- stolo liineo; o il ligonrino ]. Giuseppe - — —! Lnigi — 17S -, che fu giuralo — S10 —, e non ebbe discendenza dalla sua consorto D.

Ignavia — —. Francesca, e tenero a D, Frnii- cfjco Smrrio- -; il quale prese iu sua consone — — Ciro ir. Bonanno Caltatjironc Casscn- D.

Mbtcq — — fu notaro — —. Agaia — e seg. Biagio — —; o il notara I. Paulo— G-1S18 — , ohe Bercili la una pro- fessione dal al , e elio, sposando — — lo D.

Biagio, noto nel , morto in Cifoli nel 1H11; il prato D. Marco— — ; il carni dita P. Saverio, nato nel , morto in Palermo nel ; a il notaro D.

Pompeo — —, i di coi atti corrono dal al , il quale dalla sna moglie — — D. Antoniuo Vallo, inteso Gorra, di H. Altri vennero poscia dn Girgeuti, di ebo vedi il seg.

H, Uioniniii di Carniii. Francesco poi fa aneli Alloro ilei nostro civico patrimonio — 17S—. Carlo Lo Bpo di M. Carlo — G-1 —, barbitonsore M.

Vi fn il prete D. Pietro che cui prese moglie al , ma di lui ncanco opporo discendemo. Fnronvi i laici carpaccio; fra Serafino — 17GB19 —, r. Calogero, ammogliato — — con Paola Vaccaro.

Stefano o di quelli di Misiltacri, di elio vedi i seg. Antonino, che si accasi nel , da cui provenne J3. Vincente-, e da cosini il notaro — — D.

Mietete — — , che assnusoasna consorte la D- Francesca Epifania— n. Vin- Venne pure M. Antonino dei minori osservanti di 9.

Calogero Inalimi, urrendatare del civico patrimonio - e il proto D. Carlo - -, cho fu economo dolla nostra chiesa — 1S4G—.

Cacciatore ", Pai tizzo- Adriano: Liborlino Romano — — , i di cui otti corrano dal al Angelo di IL Domenico — Vedi eopra pog.

Altri vennero da Alessandria la Rocca, di che vedi il seg. Ili, o Michela Cerasola di Palermo; Petronilla — n.

Agostino Riccnio nata da nua Giovanna Bicchio a da ignota genitore. V i noe aio — — , che fa beneficiale della nostra chiesa della Grazia.

Vincenzo Mottaliano, o si leggo al principio do! Carlo, di coi sopra alla pag. Giovanni di Cam ni arata: Bonfante e Leone la Monledoro: Di Lorenzo o Favata.

Cacciatore In Palermo i Jlna. Giuseppe Giallongo di M. In fletto Libro della successione di Fontanafreida. Iliuseppc Natalo i quarti di Buffi, Mastri 0 Mandraforte inferiori: Intanto mentre il Itamondetta continuava a godere del titolo Fonlonafreada, Il piato tenne appianato M i di 0 i erile cb.

Patinella — Palermo 2 maria 17K. Il, puh li, libro li, pag. Molla baronia di Motta 8. A ASC A loc. II, [urta ti, lib. Il, rng- 2U7; e nei Privilegi e investiture, dei baioni di Sicilia, ras.

Mummie di Palermo, Qq, li, ; e nel Osdolario sopra cit, libro 11, par;. Di Harzo, Palermo, L. Vil- labianoa nella Sic. I, parie II, libro I, pag.

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